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Code of Ordinances


of the
Cambria County, Pennsylvania
Published by the Authority of the Borough
Adopted April 5, 1999
Code supplemented and revised November 2016, December 2017 and
 through December, 2018, by:
One West Fourth Street, 3rd Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Code revised and supplemented by Keystate Publishers, Inc. through
March 5, 2007; June 7, 2010 and February 4, 2013 

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Elected Officials

Borough Council 
Mayor                                         Robert Fox
Council President                     Todd Learn
Council Vice Pres                      George Wozniak
Councilor                                     David Hayes
Councilor                                     Bruna Kisell
Councilor                                     Ron Cadwallader
Councilor                                     Brent Kinley
Tax Collector                               David Layo

Appointed Officials
Borough Manager                    Robert Koban
Borough Secretary                   Michelle Claar
Public Works Director             Fran Steberger
Chief of Police                          
Solicitor                                       Michael Emerick
Engineer                                      Brian Shura/Stiffler, McGraw





This comprises the codification of the ordinances of the Borough of Portage.  The Borough
of Portage was incorporated as a Borough on October 7th, 1890 fro parts of Portage Township.
The Code of Ordinances of the Borough of Portage was prepared by Penns Valley Publishers,
a division of Fry Communications, Inc., and adopted by the Borough Council on April 5, 1999,
by Ordinance 3-1999.
The Code contains four parts which are (1) the valid current ordinances of the Borough contained
in Chapters 1 through 27, (2) the Appendix, which lists by abstracted title of all ordinances of a
temporary or "one time nature", (3) the Key to the Disposition of each ordinance ever enacted by the
Borough, and (4) the Index, which is an alphabetical arrangement of subjects.
In the Code each Chapter is separated by a divider tab, and specific ordinances can be located by
subject on the contents page at the beginning of each Chapter.  The Index may also be used to
search for a subject when one is looking for general information on a particular subject, or if it is
not known in which Chapter the subject might be found.  The Appendix consists of several general
categories containing a chronological listing of short subject descriptions along with a reference of
the original ordinance and its date of enactment, if known.
The Key to the Disposition indicates what action has been taken by the Borough Council with regards
to every ordinance ever enacted.  An ordinance has either been (1) specifically repealed, (2) superseded
by another ordinance, (3) is located in a Chapter of the Code Book, or (4) is located in the Appendix. 
Annual Tax Rate and Budget ordinances are located only in the Key.  The key is a cross reference
to the original ordinance books of the Borough, and to the location within the Code of each ordinance by