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Portage Area Joint Parks and Recreation Commission
The Portage Area Joint Recreation Commission was created by the Borough of Portage, Portage Township and the Portage Area School District on April 9, 1991.  The Borough of Portage adopted the Commission by Ordinance 2-1991. 
The Joint Commission consists of seven members serving a three year term.  Three members are from Portage Borough, three members from Portage Township, and one member from Portage Area School District.  On April 6th, 2009, Portage Borough Council, Portage Township, and the Portage Area School District adopted an
intergovernmental agreement to increase the board to nine members.  The Borough Ordinance 2-1991 was amended by Ordinance 3-2009, 4/6/2009. 
The Joint Commissions main purpose is to develop a plan for acquisition, development and operation of regional recreation areas and facilities to review the nature and scope of existing recreational facilities and activities in the Portage Area.  The Crichton McCormick Memorial Park is the major recreational facility serving  the Portage Area.  

Portage Borough was successful in grant funding, through the PA Dept of Conservation and Natural Resources, on February 19th, 2019.  The grant amount is $10,000.00 for a Recreation Manager Peer Study. 
The grant guidelines consisted of intergovernmental co-operation with Portage Borough, Portage Township, and the Portage Area School District.  Representatives were selected from the borough, township, and school district for the peer study and feasibility.  

On November 1st, 2021, the Borough adopted Ordinance 7-2021.  The Borough, Township, and Portage Area School District had adopted the intermunicipal cooperation agreement by creating and continuing the new Portage Area Joint Parks and Recreation Commission (PAJPRC) and providng for the acquisition, development and operation of regional parks and recreation areas, facilities, and programs.  With the forming of the new commission; 3 members are from the borough, 3 members from the township, and 1 member from the school district.  With the grant study coming to a final close-out, the PA DCNR will be reviewng the study to make a determination if a Circuit Rider Grant can be applied for to fund the Recreation Manager.  





​Kathy Hough-President - PASD    2022-2024              3 yr term
David Squillario-Vice President (B) 2022-2023          2 yr term
Sharon Squillario-Sec/Treas (B) 2022-2024                3 yr term
Benny Selapak-member (T) 2022                                   3 yr term
Jill Lamar-member (T) 2022-2023                                2 yr term
Tom Cordwell-member (T) 2022                                    1 yr term
George Wozniak-member  (B) 2022                               1 yr term​

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