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Portage Area Comprehensive Plan

Portage Borough, Portage, Township, Cassandra Borough, Portage Area Planning Commission, and the Eads Group present the final plan of the Portage Area Comprehensive Recreation, Park & Open Space Plan and Trail Feasibility Plan.  Portage Borough was awarded a grant through the PA Department of Community and Economic Development for the Comprehensive portion and also a grant through the PA Department of Conservation & Natural Resources.  The plan will be a road map for the community in the years to come.  The plans are available in a pdf format for your review and we ask that you be patient for the files to download.  If you have any trouble viewing the plan, please contact the Borough Secretary.



 The Comprehensive Plan


With successful grant funding of $23,000.00 through the PA Dept of Community & Economic Development; the first phase was a comprehensive area regional plan. 

The Comprehensive Regional Plan "Moving Forward-Issues and Recommendations" and "Background Conditions" was first released for public review in February of 2013 and then an updated plan was released in June of 2013. 

The final Comprehensive Regional Plan titled "Comprehensive Recreation, Park and Open Space Plan was released for public review in July of 2014. 

In September of 2013, the grant was officially closed. 

The Final release of the Comprehensive Rec Park & Open Space Plan

Draft of the Comprehensive Plan "Moving Forward-Issues & Recommendations

Final release for BackGround and Conditions


 Trail Feasibility Study


A grant was awarded to Portage Borough in the amount of $29,740.00 through the PA Dept of Conservation and Natural Resources.  This is the second phase of the project for the Open Space and Trail Feasibility Study. 

A draft of the trail feasibilty study titled "Overview and Recommendations" and the Martin Branch Trail was released in February 2013 for public review. 

A final study was released in July of 2014 for public review. 

In December of 2014, the grant was officially closed. 


The draft Overview and Recommendations of the Trail Feasibility Study

The final Portage Area Trail Feasibility Study




A special acknowledgement for this multi-faceted regional plan for the Portage Area. The Portage Area Planning Commission, Portage and Cassandra Borough, Portage Township,Portage Area School District, the Portage Area Joint Recreation Commission, and the Eads Group.


This plan was partially funded under the administration of the PA Dept of Community Economic Development Land Use Planning and Technical Assistance Program, the PA Dept of Conservation and Natural Resources.