The Portage Volunteer Fire Company Headquarters
721 Main Street
Portage, PA  15946
The Portage Fire Company meets every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.
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Line Officers     
Chief:  Jeremy Shuniak
Deputy Chief:  Matt McCoy
Assistant Chief:  Mike McCoy
Captain I:  Andrew Myers
Captain II:  Chris Miller
Lieutenant:  Floyd Rousell Jr.
Chief Engineer:  Chris Miller
Assistant Engineer:  Jamie Cadwallader
Assistant Engineer:  Tyler Butterbaugh
Engine Sergeant:  Kayla Gaudlip
Engine Sergeant:  Courtney Cadwallader
Truck Sergeant:  Mick Yingling
Rescue Sergeant:  Blake Cadwallader
Water Rescue Sergeant:  Todd Hershberger
EMS Officer:  Paul Husar Sr.
EMS Officer:  Matt Hershberger
Fire Police Captain:  Myrna Maul
Fire Police Lieutenant:  Patty Rousell
Executive Officers
President:  Patty Rousell
Vice President:  Mick Yingling
Secretary:  Denys Theys
Assistant Secretary:  Erin Shuniak
Treasurer:  Emil Squillario
Trustee:  Andrew Myers
Trustee:  Matt McCoy
Trustee:  Aaron Offman
Trustee:  Todd Hershberger
Trustee:  Nathan Fillhart
Relief Trustee:  Courtney Cadwallader
Relief Trustee:  Nathan Fillhart
Relief Trustee:  Blake Cadwallader
County Delegate:  Mick Yingling
County Delegate:  Cody Bush
County Delegate:  Chris Miller