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The following ordinances have been adopted by Borough Council but have not been codified by American Legal.  The last codification was completed through December, 2018.  


  • Resolution 1-2020      Partnering with the U.S. Census Bureau for the 2020 census
  • Resolution 2-2020      Competitive bidding thresholds for 2020
  • Resolution 3-2020       Authorizing financial signatories for the General, State, and Capital Funds
  • Resolution 4-2020       Authorizing individuals access to the Safety Deposit Box at First Summit Bank
  • Resolution 1-2019               Competitive bidding thresholds for 2019
  • Resolution 2-2019               Proclamation for April as PA 811 Month for digging
  • Resolution 3-2019               Appointment of Deputy Tax Collector (Marion Zunich) for 2019
  • Resolution 4-2019               Appointment of Per Capita Tax Collector (Sylvia Enedy) for 2019
  • Resolution 5-2019               Application for 2019 Cambria County Liquid Fuels Allocation
  • Resolution 6-2019               Commitment of Funds of $10,000.00 for Small Communities Grant (Park Improvements)
  • Resolution 7-2019               Trout Run Flood Mitigation Grant Agreement
  • Resolution 8-2019               PennDot Drainage Agreement for Main Street Phase 2 Project
  • Resolution 9-2019               PennnDot Sidewalk Agreement for Main Street Phase 2 Project
  • Resolution 10-2019              Amending the Right-To-Know-Law
  • Resolution 11-2019              Making a Grant Application to MTF for Main Street Improvements Phase 3A
  • Resolution 12-2019              Authorizing the purchase of a certificate of deposit with First National Bank in Cresson
  • Resolution 13-2019              Making a Grant Application for MTF for Main Street Improvements Phase 3B
  • Resolution 14-2019              Setting the 2020 Garbage collection rates