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The TRADITIONAL ANGLERS OF PENNSYLVANIA (T.A.P.) is an organizing group concerned with the loss of fishable waters available to the bait fishing public.   Thus far, we are a very small group in need of many more concerned voices in order to be heard in the State.  Bait fishermen are a massive portion of the fishing community, and, joined together, we can make a difference. 

To visit the TAP website, click on the following link:  http://www.tap-pa.org/




The Traditional Anglers of PA (TAP) has the following objective and purpose:

  • The objectives are for equal access for all Pennsylvania anglers to all Pennsylvania waters for the purpose of conservation, recreation and education.

  • The purpose of this organization shall be:
    - to promote the conservation of the natural resources of our County, our State, and our Nation:
    - to provide and support adequate laws to prevent the exploitation of our waters, land, game, forests, and other wildlife;
    - to encourage the improvement of natural food and cover;
    - to assist in the improvement of our streams and the acquisition of more streams suitable to fresh water life and to aid the anti-pollution program;
    - to sponsor educational programs designed to train our youth in the conservation of our natural resources, good sportsmanship, safety and the advantages offered by participation in outdoor recreation;
    - to cooperate with and support the Fish and Game Commission in their efforts to practice efficient administrative principles in Wild-Life Management and Fish Culture.

  • The Traditional Anglers will promote, preserve, and protect the waters of Pennsylvania.




TAP Hatchery